Software Solutions

To increase customer efficiencies CTS provides a diverse range of customized software solutions that replace paper usage with web enabled software, cloud based solutions, automated Phone App & E-mail notifications for required customer benchmarks.


Splash is a complete, web based, digital signage solution that lets you schedule and control the content to be displayed on the displays.

  • Automated and manual data entry
  • Scheduling
  • Manage multiple clients
  • Easily customizable
  • Web Based

Planned Preventive Maintenance

With our advanced Planned Preventive Maintenance Management Solution, log, track, and Plan your Planned Preventive Maintenance. Our user-friendly interface helps avoid the hurdles related to manual, old fashioned PPM management.

  • Go completely electronic with our PPM system
  • Error free
  • Tamper proof
  • Record the entire year’s PPM activity
  • Easy tracking of PPM

Calibration Management System

Our complete CMS solution helps you track, log and plan calibration activities. The console gives you great functionality for Calibration activity management while not compromising on the ease of use.

  • Paperless: Go completely electronic with our CMS system
  • Error free
  • Tamper proof
  • Record the entire year’s CMS activity
  • Easy tracking of CMS
  • Saves time and effort in planning

Paperless Reporting Workflow System

Go completely paperless with our Paperless Reporting Workflow System.

  • Minimize human errors and effort by going entirely paperless
  • Completely web based interface lets you access it on any device or platform
  • User friendly interface
  • Convert any paper based report to Digital.
  • Create customized workflows for reports
  • LDAP integration

MIS Dashboard

Get centralized and highly customized web based and app based dashboards which efficiently aids your business decision making

  • Web based, customized and centralized dashboards
  • Daily alerts for values that are above limits
  • Automatic generation and emailing of reports
  • Responsive UI that supports a wide range of devices
  • Paperless workflows can be integrated seamlessly

SOP Viewer

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Viewer is an Electronic SOP management system, using which SOP’s can be electronically assigned to various departments/areas. Users can view the SOP and operate according to the set of procedures defined in the SOP.

  • Completely electronic, paperless system
  • Web based, user friendly interface
  • Create departments/areas and assign SOP’s to specific areas
  • View audit trails and generate reports
  • Add and manage clients

Service Reports

Go entirely paperless and switch to paperless service reports with the Service Reports mobile app.

  • Can be installed on any Android device
  • Cloud based solution
  • Easily retrieve past visits/services from the database
  • Efficiently  manage Job cards.

Production Status Display

With PSD (Production Status Display) display the status of any particular areas, Electronically. Easily assign status of the area electronically to various departments through our user friendly interface.

  • Get audit trails for the audited events of PSD
  • Add/edit displays and change status, hassle free.


Track the attendance, and location of your employees and manage resources efficiently with E-Tracker

  • Live Location Monitoring
  • Find your nearby co-workers
  • Leave Management System
  • Dashboard
  • Cloud based solution
  • Android platform