IoT Solutions

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) of inhouse developed & commercially deployed IoT Gateway & IIoT Controller named ‘OdXel’,  IoT Powered Biometric Locker Solution named ‘Colva’, IoT based SMS & App notifications named ‘SecuSMS’, Cloud based data solutions & Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR).

OdXel is an  IoT Controller developed inhouse by the CTS team and Made in India. It is used to push data to the cloud & acts as an IoT gateway designed to provide secure, affordable & automated notification solutions, supported by an App and a control dashboard.

OdXel is designed for quick & reliable SMS/App notifications. It works on HTTP protocol  and can connect to multiple clients in wide array of industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Banking Financial Services & Insurance ( BFSI), Premium Retail and many more.   

Colva is a smart keyless Made in India Biometric locker solution that uses IoT technology to provide remote access, advanced reporting, notifications & centralized control to multiple lockers at a single location or multiple locations.

Colva can be used for multiple applications ranging for Industrial storage to highly sensitive storage that require restricted access, central control & confidentiality of stored contents.

Cutting Edge, secure and affordable SMS & App notification IoT solution that can instantaneously send hundreds of notifications to designated users based on pre-defined benchmarks.

Virtual Reality

CTS has developed Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality technology that enables end users to conduct Virtual Office tours, Training videos with VFX & Live VR/AR Data monitoring in facilities across multiple locations using IoT technology.

Dashboarding and Graphics

Front end live Dashboarding & Graphics based on the IoT feed from connected systems from multiple locations that enable effective monitoring, data charting, logging & reporting of benchmarked data.